Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Letters from & Questions & answers - BTK Killer, Wichita Kansas

When the Wichita Eagle newspaper offered to answer questions relating to letters, facts from the BTK killer, the heavens opened up. Some people had been following the case of the Wichita, Kansas BTK serial killer, Dennis L Rader for years.
Questions came from local residents and as far away as Canada.

Some of the questions emerging from the March 20 & March 28 question & answer session are as follows:

  • Could the BTK strangler, Dennis L Rader and the Zodiac killer be one ? Although there are similarities in the way letters & facts were sent by BTK and the Zodiac killer to the police and media, no connection has been announced. It is thought unlikely by law enforcement officials as Rader was stationed in Japan from early 1968 to August 1970. It is possible that the BTK killer admired the Zodiac killer's ability to avoid capture.
  • Has Rader sent letters from jail to any of the newspapers or TV stations, seeing as BTK enjoyed sending letters? None of the Wichita TV stations or the Wichita Eagle have received letters from the Wichita, Kansas serial killer aka BTK.
  • If BTK took pictures of his victims, how did he get those pictures developed? BTK used a Polaroid camera. There were 3 instant photos of Vicki Wegerle contained inside the letter sent to The Eagle in March 2004. Dennis used a Polaroid camera for his work as a Park City compliance officer.
  • Is it possible that Dennis Rader was involved in the murder of Phillip Fager and his two daughters in 1987? Wichita, Kansas police officials don't believe that BTK had anything to do with the murders but believe that Rader admired the work (extract from a purported letter sent from the BTK killer to Fager's widow) - a man was later tried but acquitted by a jury.
  • Was Dennis Rader abused as a child by his father or mother?
    Not according to Jeff Rader, a younger brother of Dennis, who stated that none of the family had been.
  • Has his family spoken to him since he has been in jail?
    The BTK serial killer's wife and children haven't spoken to him whilst he has been in jail and they are currently in seclusion, according to Michael Clark, pastor of the Christ Lutheran Church, where Rader was the church council's president.
  • Is there a site map which shows where the serial murders took place? Yes there is a link at kansas.com which points to coverage of the strangler aka BTK.
  • Did BTK's family suspect or even know that he might be the BTK strangler?
    Jeff Rader stated that neither he or his family suspected anything.
  • Will Dennis Rader or his wife receive his retirement pension from Park City?
    Park City Mayor Emil Bergquist stated that employees of the city belong to KPERS (Kansas Public Employees Retirement System) and it is more than probable that Dennis will be eligible.
  • Why did Park City's infamous serial killer want to see pastor Michael Clark? Nobody knows for sure except Dennis, who hasn't granted an interview. It is known that BTK was a church member for 30 years.
  • Has BTK's behavior been that of a model prisoner whilst incarcerated in jail?
    Gary Steed, sheriff of Sedgwick County like the prison employees have been informed not to discuss the BTK Killer.
  • How did BTK choose his victims and did he have any more murders planned? Only BTK can answer those questions.
  • What percentage of citation letters from the BTK killer during his role as a compliance officer in Park City were addressed to men? The Municipal court records for Park City show that 55% were to women and 45% to men, from Aug 1999 to Dec 2004.

Contributing: Stan Finger, Roy Wenzl, Deb Gruver, Hurst Laviana and Tim Potter of The Eagle