Sunday, April 10, 2005

BTK Wichita Kansas - Are all psychopaths killers?

Public interest in cases such as the BTK killings has always been high, according to Dr Sue Stone, clinical psychologist at the Citizen Potawatomi Nation in Shawnee. There is a saying in her field "Not all psychopaths are serial killers, but all serial killers are psychopaths." Although psychopaths as serial killers are rare, there are various degrees of psychopathic behaviour

  • The business world has produced many examples of psychopathic behaviour with owners using up employees savings, showing no regret or concern for these actions.
  • Psychopaths believe that they have been wronged and often harbor thoughts of revenge.
  • There is a need for recognition and a belief that they can out smart anyone.It's almost like a game e.g. the BTK serial killer, who sent photos & letters to the authorities.
  • Psychpaths are not unlike a chameleon, adapting to the role they need to take on in order to avoid being caught e.g. the BTK strangler who was an active church goer & cub scout leader.
  • Although in the Unites States 1% of the population meets the criteria for classification as a psychopath, the percentages for serial killer's is much lower.
  • The BTK, Wichita, Kansas case should highlight the fact that although a low phenomenon, people should be more vigilant and increase the security in their homes and cars.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Serial killer in Wichita - BTK - unsolved contd

The following murder victims may yet still be attributed to Dennis L Rader aka the BTK strangler of Wichita Kansas.

  • Hattie Smith, aged 54 - June 6, 1987: Her husband dicvovered her nude body (her hands and feet had been bound) at their house on 3193 S. Clifton.
  • Shannon Olson, aged 15 - Oct. 31, 1987: Shannon's nude body was discovered by a couple of fishermen, floating in a sand pit at 33rd and hillside on Nov 1st. Shannon's bra had been used to tie her hands behind her back.
  • Krista Martin, aged 20 - Oct. 2, 1989: Krista had been struck with a blunt instrument to the back of the head and was discovered, beaten to death at her apartmentat 506 E.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Serial Killer in Wichita - BTK - possibly more victims

The following murder victims haven't been attributed to the serial killer BTK of Wichita, Kansas,but they along with other unsolved murders, may possibly do so in the future:

  • Sherry Baker , aged 23 - Found: Nov. 12, 1974 - She had been stabbed with a pair of scissors and her hands had been tied with a telephone cord, behind her back.
  • Linda Shawn Casey, aged 31 - Found: June 29, 1985 - She had been repeatedly stabbed, bound and sexually assaulted.
  • Tina Frederick, aged 22 - Found: Nov. 12, 1999: - She had been shot to death.
  • Denise Rathbun, aged 26 - Found: Nov. 26, 1977: She had been missing for two weeks. Her body was later discovered in a creek in Harvey County having been drowned.